Shayla Rivera
Comedian, Keynote Speaker, TV Host, Actor, Writer, Geek.
Did I Mention I'm a Geek?

About Shayla Rivera

Like everyone else, I am far too complex to explain.  Just know this, I don't take things too seriously, I am nice, I care , I can be funny, I am smart, I love my parents, I love my children, I love making people laugh and be inspired and I always do my best.  Oh yes, and I am obsessed with understanding, and with helping others understand why it is that we are the way we are because that is the first essential towards positive change.

I have come to find evidence that in life those of us who look for struggle and difficulty will find exactly that just as sure as those who look for possibility and opportunity will reach their desires and live more fully and joyfully. It is and always has been up to us. The best evidence is in your own life. Problem is most of us have no real idea what our beliefs are, most of us are not running our own show. What are you looking for?  Do you know?  Become clear and your course will be set in that direction.  Are you setting your course on purpose? Or, are your sails flapping every which way and you are the Captain asleep at the wheel. Rest assured that intentionally or not you are the only one and the only thing setting your course.  This is the time for inspiration, motivation and clarity about the things that are possible. I know, I had to wake my Captain. Awareness Begins Change.

 Thank You All

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